a group of folks hugging with a guitar at the parka group of folks hugging with a guitar at a park

Psychedelic Potluck

Want to meet other psychedelic enthusiasts and have engaging conversations over good food?

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Join us for an afternoon of community, education, and expanding consciousness - together.

We will gather in a local park to chat about our experiences with psilocybin and other psychedelics, including:

- What you feel when you micro-dose
- Psilocybin-assisted therapy-therapeutic experiences on your own
- Why bad trips happen and how a trip can feel “out of your control”
- How to have a good trip

This event is meant to be casual, fun, and kind. All levels of psychedelic explorers are welcome. Bring snacks if you wish but it’s okay if you don’t! Bring a friend or be brave and come on your own.

We aim to create a space for folks to meet and build supportive relationships with like-minded babes on the psychedelic journey who are committed to the road of self-awareness through non-ordinary experiences which often include collaborating with plant medicine.

Please note: this is not a lecture nor an opportunity to source illegal substances. Bring your open heart and be ready to connect with others just a tad outside your comfort zone

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About the Author

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Trisha is a passionate queer community builder who loves creating unique and memorable experiences. After the pandemic, she has been trying to rebuild communities in new ways that strive to connect people more than ever.